The knife is a work of art. I’m so impressed! I thought I would never own such an accurate and well-made Lile First Blood. I was 11 when the movie was made and didn’t see it till I was 13 and the knife along with the character made a massive impression. Getting an original Lile First Blood was not only financially impossible but impractical as well back then, so to now have the opportunity to own a knife like this is truly a dream come true, and definitely one of my life’s ambitions fulfilled, so thank you sincerely.”

-Dave Price

“WOW, just took delivery of #2 and #3 Next Generation First Blood. Pure quality. This is the most accurate version of this knife I have seen. Just like the movie knife in every way. I have a huge grin on my face. THANK YOU!”

-Andy Wood

“Many thanks for making a screen accurate version of this knife available.”

-Joerg Wilkens

“I think I’m finally recovering from the ecstasy of receiving #50 First Blood. I shall treasure it for the rest of my days.”

-Gavin Bourne

“Totally awesome quality. Let me know when your Mission project begins, I want to match my #25 First Blood with a #25 Mission knife.”

-Carlos Tanda